Curacao is a well-known type of liqueur native to the Caribbean which is made from the dried peel of a citrus fruit called Laraha. It is widely used in numerous alcoholic beverages. Blue Curacao is the exact same liquid but it has the additional blue coloring which is artificial in nature. 

The shocking blue color is added for the eye-catching, pleasant visual it imparts to whatever drink it is used in. Sprucing up any drink it is added to, it gives tropical vibes to even the simplest of drinks like lemonade.

What is blue curacao syrup?

Zone Blue Curacao Syrup is the non-alcoholic sister of blue curacao liquor. It still departs the characteristic blue color to anything it’s put into. Why non-alcoholic, you might ask, well the answer is simple: it makes the options endless. 

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With Zone Blue Curacao Syrup you have the option of making mocktails to your heart’s desire.  Mocktails serve the purpose of accommodating adults and kids alike.

Blue Curacao Lemonade

Easily make your plain old lemonade a show stopper by adding the Zone Blue Curacao Syrup and giving it the blue hue.

Blue Lagoon

This refreshing mocktail with minimal ingredients will sweep away any kind of crowd with the added blue factor.

Blue Curacao Mojito

Mojitos are the most sought-after mocktails. The recipe is not something you should tamper with. However, a dash of the Zone Blue Curacao Syrup is a cherry on top. It can make it a themed drink or just an interesting companion to an extensive menu.

The Takeaway

Making a mocktail should never feel like it is a no-fun replacement for the alcoholic cousin cocktail. Use Zone Blue Curacao Syrup when you want to make the most fun cocktails. 

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Grab the best non-alcoholic bar syrups, fruit crushes, and flavored syrups here.

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