The fast-food industry has introduced a silent devil called soft drinks and we have been none the wiser.  These carbonated drinks are highly sweetened and contain several types of preservatives. 

There aren’t many healthy alternatives to them available in the market except ice tea and there are only so many ways you can flavour it before it gets boring. As far as mocktails and cocktails are considered, once you look up how to make cocktails, you will want to just stick to the soft drinks instead.

There has to be some way out, right? There is. Solar’s Zone Gourmet Collection is an assortment of various non-alcoholic syrups in excitingly useful flavours including the crowd’s favourite mojitos and cocktails!!

A Mojito exclusively for you

The classic flavour in non-alcoholic syrup lets you make virgin mojitos, mint mojitos, and a very wide range of experimentative drinks. You never have to worry about how to make a cocktail. 
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Grenadine dream

A staple amongst bars, this non-alcoholic syrup is a mixer that packs both flavour and colour. Use it to make homemade Shirley Temples or Mimosas or just add it to your baked goods for a twist.

Blue Curacao heaven

Definitely, something you cannot get from any other non-alcohol syrup – the shocking electric blue color that this one imparts to drinks like blue lemonade, marine life sparkler, and north pole cosmo. Blue Curacao’s zesty flavor can be resisted by none!

The land of watermelon, strawberry, and green apple

These are the non-alcoholic syrups from the Zone Gourmet Collection that you will reach for the most because not only they can be used to make a variety of refreshing drinks, but also can be used in baked goods, desserts (puddings, ice-creams, custards, the sky’s the limit), and as garnish too. 
Grab the best non-alcoholic bar syrups, fruit crushes, and flavoured syrups here.

The Takeaway

If you possess the right assortment of non-alcoholic syrups like those offered by  Solar’s Zone Gourmet Collection, you don’t need to know how to make cocktails/mocktails professionally to create exciting and delicious drinks.

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