Diwali is almost here and most of us can relate to not knowing what to gift our loved ones. Every year it is a struggle to find the right Diwali gift while making it unique and memorable.  

Pre-made gift packs usually are not good for gifting to everyone because usually not all of the contents in a gift pack are useful to everyone. The only viable gift pack options that are universally useful are food gift packs.

Even in this category, you might not know what to gift given the apparently large number of options. The answer is something with a long shelf life. Food items are perishable but the ones with a longer shelf life will be both useful and reminiscent of the person who gifted them.

1. An assortment of condiments and cooking essentials

A gift pack containing small-sized packets of various condiments like oregano, pizza seasoning, chilli flakes, peri-peri spice mix, and essentials like castor sugar, brown sugar, breakfast sugar, cocoa powder, dry active yeast – will be both versatile and useful. You can get all these in one with Solar Gourmet Kitchen Essentials.

2. A collection of Exclusive Non-Alcoholic Bar Syrups

Zone Gourmet Syrup collection is ideal for a Diwali gift because who doesn’t want to try a variety of flavors when it comes to syrups. You can use them in desserts and drinks alike. With Mojito, Blue Curacao, Grenadine, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Green Apple, there is no way you can get bored.

3. Combine both for a signature gift pack

You can combine both of these to make a gift pack worthy of appreciation with everything that you could possibly want to stock up on. The range of different condiments and syrups can be mixed and matched as well.

The Takeaway

The yearly question of what to gift this Diwali has an easy solution with the range of gift packs offered by Solar, while still being useful post festivities. 

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