Mocktails by definition are drinks that are made just like a cocktail would be, excluding the alcoholic element. Their non – alcoholic nature makes them fit for all settings and kid-friendly too. If you want to plan an event, they are the safest choice for drinks as they offer plenty of variety without any red flags.

What you need to know about making the best mocktail

Know the keywords

Do you know the difference between neat and straight up? Do you know how much is a dash? If not, look these terms up along with others. It makes sure that when someone asks for something specific, you know what to do.

Know your mixers

Mixers add sometimes definitive flavors to the mocktails and are often overlooked. You can make your own and not only save money but control the quality and intensity of the flavor. Some examples are bitters, citrus fruit juices, sodas. 

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Know your sweeteners

Sweeteners make or break a mocktail so be sure your mocktail syrup is added in just the right amount. You can adjust the sweetness by making them at home. Examples are simple syrup, sweet and sour mix, grenadine, and Gomme syrup.

Know your equipment

A blacksmith is as good as his strongest hammer. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment like a standard cocktail shaker, a bar spoon, each of a –  jigger, strainer, muddler.

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Know the techniques

If you know how to strain mocktails, how to shake and stir well enough, and how to work the blender then you’re good to go.

Know a few gimmicks

Layering ingredients like mocktail syrup makes the drink not just taste unique but look unique too. Muddling mocktails is another trick you should look into. Rolled drinks sometimes taste better than the original.

The Takeaway

You don’t have to be a professional to make impressive mocktails. Being aware of a few minor details can be the key to making Instagram worthy drinks.

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