Do you struggle with baking? Well, if done right it can be very enjoyable. What makes baking stressed is the mistakes that you are committing while baking.

No matter how many recipes you see or how well you measure ingredients unless you know the right way to bake, you will face challenges. But don’t worry we are here to help. Noticing these mistakes you can brush up on your baking skills and make baking delightful.

Common Mistakes You Make While Baking

Mistake 1: Not preheating the oven

This is a very common mistake, everyone, while baking does. Just think how can you expect water to boil on a stove which is not turned on. In the same manner, the oven also needs to be preheated for starting the baking process.

Mistake 2: Over mixing the batter

Mixing requires a lot of effort and still, people are inclined to make this effort which is actually a big mistake. Over mixing the batter will make it sticky and very thick which will eventually make the cake stiff.

Mistake 3: Adding ingredients without order

How well do you follow recipe instructions? You gather all the ingredients but don’t put them in the correct order and this is where you make a mess. Putting the ingredients in the right order will prevent the cake from ruining in the end.

Mistake 4: Filling the tin fully

This is another common mistake that people do without knowing. If you fill the cake tint to the fullest, it will overflow and ruin the appearance of your cake. And if it doesn’t overflow, there are chances that it will sink. Know the correct level of filling the cake tin

These were some of the common mistakes while baking, often done by many. But since mistakes happen for correction, learn from your mistakes and make a delicious cake while enjoying the baking process next time.

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