Liquid Glucose is also known as glucose syrup has wide usage in bakery products. It adds optimum sweetness, body, and bulk to these foods and is a preferred choice in cream fillings and pie. 

Moreover, its quality of preventing crystallization is helpful in enhancing shelf life, whereas, the hygroscopic and non-crystallizing properties aid in keeping the food preparations fresh for a longer time.

For the beginners of baking, the term ‘liquid glucose’ is a bit unfamiliar. It’s just a liquid form of simple sugar that tends to keep the bakery products soft and moist. It is common to use liquid glucose for sweets in icing in order to prevent the hardening of baked items.

Baking and Confectionery

Glucose syrup is a non-crystallizing substance; it is commonly used in the production of homogenous confectionery like chocolates and chewing gums. The liquid glucose for sweets also has good preservative qualities, enhanced shelf life, and smooth texture of the products.
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Ice creams

Glucose syrup has a significant role to play in ice creams; it prevents crystallization of Ice creams, adds a smooth texture, and prevents it from getting melted soon. By preventing crystallization of sucrose it offers a soft mouthful, creamy touch, and a homogenous sweetness to the ice cream.

Other Food Item

It is used as a major ingredient in hard-boiled candies as it prevents crystallization and imparts cohesiveness. It plays a good role in enhancing the flavor of food preparation and masking excessive sweetness.

Being easily digestible, it is an instant source of energy and a widely used item in the preparation of common syrups. In baby foods and baby syrups too, glucose is a favored choice as it is a rich source of carbohydrates.

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